Why Doesn’t CBD Work For Me?

Why Doesn't CBD Work For Me

Why Doesn’t CBD Work For Me?

When it comes to all vitamins, supplements, or any other nutrition type product, there are always going to be people who feel left out when they hear about all the amazing benefits other people are getting. If you’re wondering “why doesn’t CBD work for me?” you’ll be happy to know that you’re not alone in that question. CBD is everywhere these days, and while the majority of customers boast about its wonderful benefits, there are always some who try it out and are left wondering if it was all a scam to begin with?

Just because CBD hasn’t helped you yet doesn’t mean that it can’t or won’t. There are numerous valid reasons as to why CBD may not be providing you the benefits you were told about, so you’re not alone, and there is still hope that CBD will help you. If you’re wondering why CBD isn’t working for you, hopefully, after reading this, you will feel that relief is finally on the way!

Four Reasons Why CBD Isn’t Working For You

1. The CBD Brand

The first thing to consider is whether or not the brand of CBD you are taking is pure, potent, and in general good quality.

There are so many CBD oil brands available these days and lack of regulations means honesty and integrity are left to the individual CBD brands that are easy for curious customers to find and buy. Take a hard look at the brand you’ve purchased and the information they have available.

  • Do they have third-party lab test results available?
  • Are they easy to contact for customer support?
  • Is the oil made with premium quality, organic ingredients?

Avoiding scams is the first step to successful results for CBD users. It can feel confusing, which is why at USA Medical, we value transparency and honesty with our customers. Does CBD get you high?

2. The CBD Needs More Time

For those who have never taken CBD before, oftentimes it can the CBD days (sometimes even weeks) to build up to an effective concentration level in their bodies Endocannabinoid System. Can you overdose on CBD?

While most customers who use USA Medical 3000mg CBD Oil (and keep the oil dose under their tongue for 1-2 minutes) feel results within just 10-15 minutes, it could be taking your body longer to regulate its endocannabinoid levels.

This does not mean that CBD will never work for you, it just means your body needs time to process the CBD. During this time, it can be helpful to log your symptoms and CBD usage in a journal so that you can better track whether or not you are seeing improvements in your body as a result of the CBD. Everybody’s body needs something different and depending on your medical history, genetics, and environmental factors, the results you see can vary.

3. Try Taking CBD A New Way

You can find just about any kind of product with CBD in it, but not all methods of ingesting CBD are equal. Frankly, most of the CBD products you can find online are very ineffective at getting CBD into your body.

While gummies may seem tempting because of their flavor and practicality, your stomach acid is very good at its job, which means it breaks CBD down and only a very weakened version remains to enter your ECS.

The two fastest ways to get CBD into your system are through vapor inhalation via your lungs and oil absorption via the ultra-thin membrane under your tongue.

How To Take CBD Oil

CBD oil is the easiest and most accessible way to get CBD into your system. Using USA Medical CBD oil is simple, as we provide a graduated glass dropper in every bottle to help with your dosages. We recommend you start with a dose of 10mg – 20mg CBD and increase daily until desired effects are achieved. A “large” dose of CBD can range from 40mg – 100mg, based on individual needs. How long does it take CBD oil to work?

Place the dose of CBD under your tongue (doing so in front of a mirror is very helpful) and let it absorb for 1-2 minutes. The longer you let it sit, the better the absorption and the better value you get of CBD for your money! Patience is key, so don’t rush the process and trust that the CBD is doing what it’s meant to!

4. Sometimes, CBD Isn’t The Answer

As much as we’d like to say it is, CBD isn’t a magic cure for everyone and everything. CBD isn’t a replacement for regular exercise, healthy eating, and holistic lifestyle habits. Sometimes, combining CBD with other holistic practices such as yoga, breathwork, and meditation can greatly enhance the effects of the CBD! If you still wonder “why doesn’t CBD work for me” – reach out to our support team for a more detailed diagnostic of your individual needs!

USA Medical CBD

We at USA Medical believe in the science of CBD. We have full-time customer support to answer any question you have about our CBD, lab tests, dietary supplements, and vitamins. The people who work at USA Medical (including the person writing this blog!) really care about helping people find real, tangible relief in their lives. Don’t hesitate to reach out, because we are excited when we get to help facilitate improving the quality of life for everyone we work with!

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