What Is CBD Isolate and Why Should You Avoid It?

What Is CBD Isolate and Why Should You Avoid It

Why Should You Avoid CBD Isolate?

While all CBD comes from either the hemp or cannabis plant, the different types of available CBD products have incredibly important differences.

The way that CBD is grown, cultivated, refined, and bottled by a company plays a large role in the quality of the CBD and results you can expect to see when you take CBD. There are three main types of CBD Oil that are available in the marketplace, Full-Spectrum CBD, Broad-Spectrum CBD, and CBD Isolate. Tips to buying CBD online safely.

What is CBD Isolate?

Simply put, CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD, having removed all other cannabinoids during the refinement process. This leaves users with a product that is purely one cannabinoid – and nothing else. While this sounds like a good thing at first glance, CBD isn’t a compound that does well on its own, apart from its sister cannabinoids. If you haven’t already, read our blog on The Entourage Effect for a better understanding of the science behind CBD’s bioavailability within your body.

CBD Isolate vs Full-Spectrum & Broad-Spectrum CBD

CBD isolate represents the purest form of CBD, holding the highest potency among all CBD categories. This whitish crystalline compound offers the best perceived value of CBD per milligram (mg) and is often the best base form of CBD for the formulation of products for a broad base of conditions.

Since CBD isolate is missing terpenes and flavonoids from the other cannabinoids, it is an odorless and flavorless compound. Many people seek out CBD isolate because of its perceived purity – the problem being that they assume “pure CBD” must be stronger or even better for you. When CBD undergoes refinement to achieve the final isolated CBD, it loses so many of its natural and vital elements, leaving users with an incredibly weakened version of CBD. Hemp oil vs CBD oil.

CBD is broken down into three main categories:

  • Full-Spectrum CBD: Full-Spectrum CBD is usually derived from the cannabis plant and has 100% of its original cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, including the federally illegal substance, THC. While it’s mutually agreed upon that Full-Spectrum CBD has the highest bioavailability for your body, most people want to avoid THC altogether, and the THC present doesn’t make the CBD more potent, it simply adds to the effect of the CBD.
  • Broad-Spectrum CBD: Broad-Spectrum CBD typically comes from the hemp plant and thus is guaranteed to have under the legal limit of THC according to the Farm Bill (0.3% THC). USA Medical broad-spectrum CBD is lab tested to have an ND (non-detectable) about of THC, meaning there is 100% of the original cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, with the exception of THC, which wasn’t present in the hemp, to begin with.
  • CBD Isolate: CBD Isolate is pure CBD, and therefore does not have the other important spectrum elements your body needs to process it effectively. Is CBD Isolate good for dogs?

Is CBD Isolate Bad?

While there are plenty of reasons to add CBD to your daily routine, cheap CBD isolate won’t benefit you the same way a broad-spectrum CBD oil will.

If you are afraid of the legality of CBD / passing a drug test, you can rest easy knowing the Broad-Spectrum CBD is 100% legal in all 50 states in the United States and incredibly beneficial to your body’s natural routines. That said, if you live in a state where THC is legal, then you may want to try a Full-Spectrum CBD product. USA Medical does not sell Full-Spectrum CBD because we are dedicated to following all federal and state laws, to ensure that every time you buy CBD from us, you can be confident it’s safe, legal, and potent. Why doesn’t CBD work for me?

USA Medical has your best interest as our mission – take a look at our Learn page to learn more about the benefits of Broad-Spectrum CBD. Now you know what CBD isolate is and why should you avoid it.

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