What Does Magnesium Do For Blood Sugar?

What Does Magnesium Do For Blood Sugar

Opinion by Jake Crossman

Blood sugar diseases have been around for hundreds of years – however, emerging research is starting to show the benefits of blood sugar and magnesium as people begin to ask what does magnesium do for blood sugar? When suffering from a disease that affects your blood sugar levels such as diabetes or low insulin. 

Let’s break down exactly what blood sugar is, how it affects the body, and how taking magnesium concurrently with natural holistic blood sugar medicine can greatly reduce the risk of disease.

What Does Magnesium Do For Blood Sugar: What Is Blood Sugar

Your body should always have around four grams of sugar in your bloodstream at all times to maintain homeostasis. Your body regulates your blood sugar levels through the endocrine system which is the system that controls hormones in the body. The pancreas is a part of the endocrine system and is responsible for releasing insulin into the bloodstream. This is what your “blood sugar” is called (LiveScience). 

Your blood sugar levels are crucial in maintaining your body’s natural levels of function or homeostasis. The scientific term for blood sugar is Glycaemia and any blood sugar-related diseases such as having your levels too high or too low fall under the same vernacular. For example, if your blood sugar is too low it is called Hypoglycemia, and if it is too high it is called Hyperglycemia. 

There are very specific healthy, and holistic ways to treat blood sugar-related health issues that don’t include using over-the-counter medicine. One of the biggest aids in controlling and maintaining a healthy blood sugar level is to take magnesium combined with cinnamon. 

What Does Magnesium Do For Blood Sugar: How Your Body Uses Magnesium 

Magnesium has exploded onto the holistic health scene within the last couple of years due to its benefits for sleep and cellular regeneration. While it may be a new buzzword in the health space, people have been using the benefits of magnesium for quite a while. 

There are a couple of different kinds of magnesium that you are able to purchase but the most recommended kind is magnesium glycinate. This is due to its ability to increase cell redox, decrease anxiety, and improve overall health. 

Cellular Regeneration 

One of the recommended ways to take magnesium is right before bed because when your body is resting, it can do what it needs to do to ensure that you feel more energized and ready to take on the day when you wake up.

There have been several studies done on just how magnesium works in the body and almost all the research shows that while taking a daily dose of magnesium bodily inflammation is reduced, axon growth and stem cells proliferate, and helps to prevent neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s. All of these different areas that magnesium helps out work together to create a healthy ecosystem in your body that enables you to feel perfectly balanced (Frontiers).

Research has also come out saying that magnesium plays a role in controlling the release of insulin so that there are fewer blood sugar spikes or dips if you are suffering from irregular blood sugar levels. 

Blood Sugar Levels 

Magnesium can play a crucial role in maintaining correct blood sugar levels. There was a study done in which 40 participants ranging from male to female between the age of 35 – 60 were instructed to take a daily dose of magnesium over the course of three months. At the end of the study, researchers were pleasantly surprised at how well the magnesium actually worked in regulating insulin. 

“The results of this study matched previous studies that concluded that daily oral Mg supplementation substantially improved insulin sensitivity by 10% and reduced blood sugar by 37% [12,22]. The results also agreed with Chacko et al., who examined the effects of oral Mg supplementation (500 mg elemental Mg/d for four weeks) on metabolic biomarkers in overweight individuals and reported that Mg treatment significantly improved fasting C-peptide concentrations and appeared to improve fasting insulin concentrations [14] (NCBI).”

The participants of the study were asked to not make any changes to their daily lifestyle other than taking magnesium, this included taking anti-diabetic medications. The results clearly show that magnesium can greatly improve those suffering from high blood pressure and help to reduce the risks associated with it. 

The study also showed that the higher the magnesium levels that were taken the greater the insulin sensitivity. This would have to be something that is gradually built up to but what this suggests is that magnesium taken alongside blood sugar medications could almost eliminate any health-related issues due to hyper or hypoglycemia. 

What Does Magnesium Do For Blood Sugar: Final Thoughts 

It is interesting to think that something like magnesium which is so abundant on our planet has the ability to change the face of how blood sugar diseases are looked at. Clearly, there has been pushback from pharmaceutical companies who continue to come out with “new” blood sugar medications that don’t attack and solve the root of the issue. 

Taking USA Medical’s Blood Sugar Ultra with cinnamon alongside our Magnesium Glycinate is a phenomenal way to holistically and naturally regain control over your blood sugar health. 

What needs to be done is clear, the research is there and shows that magnesium and natural blood sugar supplements are just as, if not more effective than any over-the-counter or prescription medication. 

Try Magnesium and Blood Sugar Ultra today! You just might be surprised at how much better you feel after taking these supplements for a couple of weeks. 

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