The Entourage Effect

The Entourage Effect of CBD

When people first start considering incorporating CBD into their daily routine, they may come across a number of phrases and “buzzwords” that could be confusing, as they could have very different meanings outside of CBD. One of these phrases is ‘The Entourage Effect,’ which, although still classified as a theory, has a lot of merits worth considering when looking into purchasing CBD products. Can CBD get you high?

The Entourage Effect

The theory proposes that when a CBD product is broad-spectrum, the multiple cannabinoids work together to enhance the positive effects the organic plant already has. When these interactions occur, the synergistic effect (the potency of a substance being compounded by other substances) is believed to be increasingly beneficial. Many of the CBD products available from the unbelievably inexpensive CBD companies are actually isolated CBD products, meaning there aren’t any other natural compounds in the oil to give the potential for this effect to occur. Many companies who sell isolated CBD products won’t provide public lab tests as it would show how weak their product really is. USA Medical lab results are always publically available to promote transparency within the CBD industry. How to take CBD properly.

One of the reasons that this theory points to the effects of CBD being enhanced is due to the various cannabinoids and the way they connect with multiple receptors in our bodies. When multiple cannabinoids bind to the multiple receptors within the endocannabinoid system, it increases the effects of the CBD overdose and thus, the Entourage Effect exists. Why doesn’t CBD work for me?

This theory is still too early to have substantial and long-term evidence, but the results people see point to the entourage effect being extremely beneficial. Now as you hunt for the right product, you have a new understanding of the importance of buying a lab-tested, broad-spectrum CBD oil product.

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