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I Recommend USA Medical to Everyone!

I started using the 1000mg oil about a year ago. (Just 2-4 drops morning & evening.) I started because nothing I took ever helped with my horrible cluster headaches, but now, I’m free of them! Even my chronic low back pain from work is totally gone after 10 years of pain. I recommend USA Medical to everyone!

Kelsy W.

I’ve Never Slept Better

I’ve been using the 3000mg oil for a few months now… about 50mg a day. My experience is that it greatly reduces my joint pain and improves my sleep. I always make sure to have a bottle easily accessible these days 🙂

Alex E.

The 500mg Hemp is an Energy Boost!

I’ve tried different oil from several companies, but this is easily the best! I’ve been using the 500mg oil every day for 5 months and I feel calmer, more balanced, and energetic. I only take it in the morning and by 5/6pm I still have plenty of energy!

Kaitlyn L.

Natural Is Always Better

I use the 3000mg CBD Oil… 6 drops before meals. I have Hashimoto’s Disease but don’t take prescriptions for it. (6.1 TSH lab result was 2.4 so it’s in the normal range) Your CBD makes my life so much better! I’m just happy I can take a natural CBD instead of poisoning myself with drugs :) Thanks!

Eileen H.

No More Xanax!

I used to take Xanax every day for my anxiety and insomnia, but now I only need 6 drops of the 3000mg oil ONCE A DAY!!! I started taking your CBD 8 months ago and now I feel so much better. It even helped lower my blood pressure! I tell all my family about your CBD. I don’t understand how it works so well, but I’m happy it does!

Monica T.

Headaches Are Totally Gone

I’ve had a lot of headaches, but I haven’t had to take painkillers since I started using USA Medical CBD Oil. I usually only need a few drops of 500mg oil twice a day, and on more stressful days I also use a few more drops. My chronic shoulder pain has gotten better over the last couple months too. Regards.

Jacob R.


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My Puppy Loves It :)

Dear USA Medical Team! I use the 250 mg CDB drops because our puppy has been shown to have epilepsy. He gets 1×5 drops a day or 2×4 drops if he’s having a bad day. Since starting months ago, he’s only had  one super mild seizure! He also has a much better appetite.

Natalie C.

USA Medical 1000mg Oil Is Perfect

I use 1000mg CBD oil under my tongue once a day in the morning (3-4 drops) and occasionally 3 drops in the afternoon if I know I’m going to bed late. I started taking it 2-3 months ago due to hypothyroidism and high blood sugar levels, which I can’t comment on yet, as I don’t have the lab results yet, but I can feel that I sleep much better, fall asleep sooner and have to I only get up 1-2 times a night or wake up much less than before.

Krisztina R.

Good For Everything!

Dear USA Medical! I use 1000mg CBD oil. Between 2-4 drops in the morning and afternoon or 2 drops mixed in cream. I give it to my son for ADHD and myself for skin problems. After shaving intimate zones I apply the surface and my skin doesn’t freak out. It helps my little boy a lot, calmer, not buzzing, more manageable.

Melissa H.

No Need For Steroids!

I started taking it a week ago. 2-5 drops in the morning and evening. I started using it to reduce stress and inflammation. Since I have an autoimmune (SLE) disease my skin problems are always present. Using the oil topically took off my spots in 1 week without steroid ointment. My sleep problems are gone, I sleep peacefully. I seriously recommend it to everyone!

Jessica J.

Daily User

I use 500mg of CBD oil 10-15 drops a day in the morning and early afternoon. I tried it for the ringing in my ears because doctors don’t know what it is. I tried it for the first time about a month ago and have been using it daily ever since. I have noticed the tinnitus has become more and more bearable. Great product!

Richard G.

25mg Softgels Are My Favorite Product Now

I would like to thank you for the CBD! I am using 25mg CBD softgels, but to start I took a few 1000mg drops. I started with 3-4 drops of oil twice a day (morning and at noon) and then gradually increased the dose to 25 mg per day, at which point I switched to the capsule. My pain is currently tolerable and my blood count is good. In consultation with my doctor, we have decided that taking CBD is a good solution for me for now, with regular monitoring.

Betty M.


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In stock | Expected delivery date: 04/20/2021

500mg Relaxed The Muscles!

I have been using 500mg of CBD oil, 2×5 drops a day, in the morning and early afternoon, for about 1 year. I used to notice that my muscles were always tense. That’s why I started use the oil. Since then, I’ve been taking things looser, which has also relieved the pain from tense muscles

Sarah L.

Less Stress in Our Lives

Dear USA Medical, I use 1000mg of your CBD oil with my partner 3-4 drops every morning. We are going through a bit of a stressful period in life these days. We have been using it for a month now. Since using the oil, we feel like we can handle the stress in our life significantly better. Work and sleep is also better, especially if we use it in the morning. Thanks!

Peter G.

Better Recovery and More Concentration

I could never sleep, so I couldn’t regenerate either and that also affected my performance during training. I started using the product exactly a year ago. I first tried the 1000 mg oil.  Effects, experiences: Faster recovery after workouts, better sleep quality, I am calmer from it. For the first time in a week, I noticed that I am much calmer while driving and can handle stressful situations more calmly, I am not overly stimulated, concentration is improved during evening workouts. I can apply “flow” better in all life situations :). My sleep has also gotten much deeper!.

Jason T.

Game-changer for Our Family!

Dear Usa Medical! We love CBD oil! 6-7 people in the family take it! Grandpa has / had prostate cancer and since he was 79 he didn’t get treatment for it. Then we bought him the first bottle. He has been taking it regularly ever since. At his last checkup, the tumor was non-detectable!!! The rest of our family is taking it for prevention now!

Bridgette N.

Improved Lab Results

Dear USA Medical, My mother started using the oil 2-2-4 drops a day after breast removal for a malignant tumor. Chemotherapy had a bad effect on her blood count, her lab results became very poor. Then she started taking high dose CBD Oil drops. I’m sure it helped to successfully improve lab results during chemo. I recommend the product! Regards.

Stacy L.

Helped Dramatically with Symptoms Caused by Chemotherapy

Hello, I have been using 1000 mg of CBD oil since March. 2×5 drops a day in the morning and evening with chemotherapy to relieve the side effects of chemotherapy. After using the drops, nausea and vomiting and headaches disappeared in the days after treatment. It became much stronger. my immune system and chemotherapy have gone through more easily, my appetite has returned again! I would recommend it to anyone who goes through this!

Emily L.