CBG Oil | Fast Acting For Inflammation, Pain, & Energy


Reduce your inflammation, relieve your chronic pain, and support your mind with CBG oil – “the stem cell of cannabinoids”.

CBG oil is already used by our customers to relieve chronic inflammatory pain, relieve joint and muscle pain, and help support the brain’s natural healing process. Best of all, it’s GMO-free, vegan, and organic!

  • Finally Relieve Your Chronic Pain
  • Reduce Inflammation In Your Brain & Body
  • Gives You Energy For Long Days

We’ve combined our CBG oil with our CBD oil for a more potent and immediately effective broad-spectrum CBG oil.

Size: 30mL (1oz)
Concentration: Variable (500mg CBD – 3000mg CBD)
Flavor: Fresh Orange ~ From Organic Orange Oil

Recommended for individuals with chronic inflammatory pain, joint & muscle pain, and low daytime energy levels.


Free shipping, Expected delivery date: 05/23/2022