Is It Legal To Buy CBD Online?

Is It Legal to Buy CBD Online

Is It Legal To Buy CBD Online?

The United States has a complicated history with cannabis. Public perception of the plant has also had its ups and downs throughout the history of the US. However, within the last couple of years, we have seen a large shift in both the perception and use of both cannabis and hemp. Cannabidiol (or CBD) seems to have appeared everywhere in the United States, and it’s leaving many people confused as to whether or not it is legal. If you are feeling anxious about the legal implications of buying and using CBD oil, understanding the current legislation will help. What are Phytocannabinoids?

The short answer to “Is it legal to buy CBD online?” is yes – but it’s important to understand the history of CBD in the United States. Things you need to know about CBD.

Legal CBD Online

Previous Legislation On CBD

The Marijuana Tax Act made marijuana illegal in 1937. Then, cannabis was banned across the board in 1970 by the Controlled Substances Act.

These pieces of legislation contributed greatly to the many misunderstandings regarding the cannabis plant over the years ladder years. These laws made no distinction between hemp and cannabis, and instead, simply criminalized all of it. Over the years, more research and discovery, such as the discovery of the Endocannabinoid System, has opened the eyes of many previous skeptics.

Interested parties note the aim of the Act was to reduce the hemp industry through excessive taxation largely as an effort of businessmen Andrew Mellon, Randolph Hearst, and the Du Pont family. The same parties argue with the invention of the decorticator, as hemp was an economical replacement for paper pulp in the newspaper industry. Newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst was afraid that the cheap, sustainable, and easily-grown hemp plants threatened his extensive timber holdings. Mellon, Secretary of the Treasury and the wealthiest man in the US, invested heavily in the Du Pont family’s new synthetic fiber, nylon, to compete with hemp.

The Farm Bill

In 2018 the final version of the Farm Bill was signed into effect, making a sweeping distinction between cannabis and hemp.

This distinction between hemp and cannabis is primarily in the amount of THC present in the plant. Hemp has no more than 0.3% THC present in its makeup, meaning it can not make individuals “high” as THC is the only known psychoactive cannabinoid. This distinction is now recognized by the government and allowed for the legalization of hemp grown in the US on a federal level.

CBD companies that comply with these federal regulations are legal to sell CBD online to/from any state.

Can You Buy CBD Online?

Yes, CBD is legal to buy online. However, while hemp is legal throughout the US, there is still a lack of regulations from the FDA, which means that not all CBD online (or in local stores) is created equal. Tips to buy CBD online.

The current CBD market is incredibly saturated, primarily by incredibly low quality and ineffective CBD products. The recent popularity of CBD created many companies looking to hop onto the profit bandwagon and don’t care about the quality of the CBD they are selling people.

Due to the FDA still not releasing official regulations for CBD brands to follow, the burden of honesty falls onto individual manufacturers. As you know, when time, money, and honesty are mixed, the waters become muddy. Can you take CBD on a plane?

You as an individual can never get in trouble for purchasing CBD oil, but what you need to ensure is that the CBD you’re buying is a premium quality, organic, GMO-free, and lab-tested, to guarantee you’re putting a pure and potent product into your body!

USA Medical CBD Online

At USA Medical, we are proud to have our thirdparty lab results readily available for our CBD oil and CBD softgels, so that our customers can know exactly what is in our CBD products. Hemp oil vs CBD oil.

The CBD available on our website is the purest and most potent CBD on the market and we want our customers to know they can always count on us. When you buy USA Medical CBD you are in full compliance with federal law and can feel confident that what you are taking is truly the best combination of science and nature.


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