How To Spot A CBD Oil Scam On Amazon

How To Spot A CBD Oil Scam On Amazon

Common CBD Oil Scam

Amazon is known to have strictly enforced rules surrounding the sale of CBD on its website. This is because the company has a clear misunderstanding of what CBD is, as a whole. It’s easy to learn how to spot a CBD oil scam on Amazon because most of the common CBD oil scams happen on Amazon.

Thanks to these strict guidelines, Amazon has actually created the perfect marketplace for fake CBD on Amazon and CBD oil scams on Amazon. One quick search on Amazon for “Hemp Products” yields over 10,000 results, so it should come as no surprise that customers are overwhelmed, confused, and end up choosing products that won’t actually provide any benefit! The most common CBD oil scams on Amazon are some of the most popular results.

No company can overtly say they are selling CBD on Amazon, which means anyone running a CBD oil scam on Amazon can get away with the scam as long as Amazon refuses to allow legal CBD sale on its website. Scams thrive off misinformation. so here is the information you need to understand how to spot a CBD oil scam on Amazon.

How To Spot A CBD Oil Scam On Amazon

Common CBD Hemp Oil Brand Scams

Thanks to modern technology, it’s incredibly easy to create a label, logo, and legitimate-looking brand, without any legitimacy to the brand at all, making it incredibly difficult to easily spot a CBD oil scam on Amazon! We have created a  guide to help spot common CBD hemp oil brand scams on Amazon. While this blog is for purchasing from CBD hemp oil brands, these questions are incredibly valuable to ask before buying any product on Amazon:

  • Does the “brand” have a website?
  • Do they have any social media?
  • Do they have an easy-to-find contact number or email?
  • Do they offer public lab tests for their products?

If the answer to any of the above questions is “no,” you may want to consider buying from a different brand. CBD scam companies are seriously dangerous!

Common CBD scam companies know how to look the part, so don’t trust anyone just because they have a good-looking logo. If you can’t find the CBD hemp oil brand anywhere other than on Amazon, odds are they aren’t legitimate and are only on Amazon to try and scam you.

CBD Hemp Oil Scam Price

We know that it is perpetually tempting to sort things on any website from ‘priced low to high,’ but anything that seems too good to be true usually is. Fake CBD brands trying to get away with a CBD oil scam will massively undercut the real CBD hemp oil price to entice customers with cheap products, but those cheap products don’t actually work and leave customers with a negative view of CBD. CBD oil scam prices are always too good to be true.

CBD oil scam companies are infamous for selling incredibly low-priced CBD (sometimes as low as $9.99 for a bottle of 3000mg CBD!). Before you decided to invest in the holistic alternative medicine CBD, make sure you’re paying a reasonable price for it! CBD hemp oil price can vary from very expensive to very cheap – you should expect to pay anywhere between $40 – $150 for a real CBD oil product.

CBD Hemp Oil Scam Ingredients

This may seem obvious to some, but reading the ingredients label should be the first thing you do before ingesting anything. Chances are if the ingredients list seems like a scam, the product probably is a scam. Always take a look at CBD hemp oil ingredients before making any purchasing decisions. How much does CBD cost in the US?

CBD oil scam companies rely on you not doing your homework – don’t let them scam you that easily! If you can’t find a CBD hemp oil ingredients label, or the label doesn’t make sense, don’t buy from that brand. With so many different CBD companies, there’s no reason for you to settle for one that doesn’t seem legitimate. Why doesn’t CBD work for me?

CBD Scam Lab Tests

If a brand selling CBD or Hemp Extract on Amazon doesn’t mention 3rd-party CBD lab tests or offer their lab results publically on their website – move on! Don’t buy from them!

Why would you take a brand’s word’ for anything? Corporations lie every day. CBD scam companies don’t care about the truth, so don’t believe what they say without evidence! This also means that if a company says they have 3rd-party CBD lab tests, but don’t let you see them – Do. Not. Buy. From. Them.

Always look for proof of any claims made by companies, because odds are, if they don’t make proof easy to find, it doesn’t exist. That’s why at USA Medical we make our 3rd-party lab test results available on our home page, as we have nothing to hide and are proud of that!

CBD Scam Hemp Oil Reviews

While, normally, reviews are incredibly helpful, CBD hemp oil reviews on Amazon can be misleading, especially because it’s incredibly easy for Amazon sellers to pay for fake reviews.

Using a trustworthy review platform, like TrustPilot, signals that a company actually cares about real customer feedback. If you are ready to buy Hemp Extract on Amazon and all the CBD hemp oil reviews look good, performing a quick Google search of the company’s name + “reviews” will reveal whether or not they have any reviews on a trustworthy platform.

TrustPilot is one of the most trustworthy review platforms, as they have strict requirements on who can write a review and they have an incredibly detailed verification process to ensure all reviews are legitimate and from real customers! You can always see USA Medical CBD Oil Reviews on Trustpilot.

Scam CBD Support On Amazon

When in doubt, it never hurts to reach out to a company and ask them some questions. If you want to easily know how to spot a CBD oil scam on Amazon, ask these questions about their customer support:

  • Does the “brand” have easy customer support?
  • How long does it take them to get back to you?
  • Will they get back to you at all?
  • Are they answering questions honestly with easily verifiable information?

You deserve to know the truth about any product you are purchasing, so ask these questions to avoid falling into a CBD oil scam on Amazon. Tips on how to buy CBD online safely.

USA Medical CBD On Amazon

We know our customers love Amazon and Amazon Prime, so we have added our best-selling, 3000mg CBD Oil to Amazon as an Amazon Prime product. We encourage you to buy our USA Medical CBD wherever you feel most comfortable! We have better discounts and offers here on the USA Medical website, but if you want to use your Prime membership, go for it, because our CBD has many use cases, including chronic pain relief. Now you know how to spot a CBD oil scam on Amazon and how to avoid common CBD scams. The blog.

If you would like to learn more about USA Medical CBD or for more advice on how to spot a CBD oil scam on Amazon, contact us today!

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