Do Multivitamins Actually Make A Difference? 

Do Multivitamins Actually Make A Difference?

Opinion by Jake Crossman

With so much conflicting information regarding do multivitamins actually make a difference, USA Medical will answer the question with a research-backed analysis. In the right context, under the right circumstances, yes, multivitamins can actually make a difference to your health, but it’s important that we break down some of the common misconceptions, separate fact from fiction, and provide a clear, concise picture of the true benefits of taking a daily multivitamin.

What Is A Multivitamin?

A multivitamin is a dietary supplement containing all (or most) of the vitamins that may not be readily available in your diet. Vitamins are often classified according to their solubility either in lipids (vitamins A, D, E, K, F) or in water (vitamins C, B-complex).

Vitamins are essential to maintaining normal metabolism and biochemical functions. One of the most important classifications of multivitamins is whether they are a tablet or a capsule. This is because multivitamin tablets are heated and pressed into tight, compact tablets, destroying some of the very vitamins they claim to be representing.

Multivitamin capsules are the best multivitamins because they have not undergone an additional manufacturing procedure, pressing them into ineffective multivitamin tablets.

The Role Of A Multivitamin

The role of a multivitamin is to fill in the gaps in your diet where your nutrients may be lacking. Many people are deficient in multiple vitamins and minerals, yet their bodies have compensated for the deficiency and those people never realize they would feel so much better if they included the additional vitamins and minerals in their diet.  


“Vitamins and minerals are micronutrients required by the body to carry out a range of normal functions. However, these micronutrients are not produced in our bodies and must be derived from the food we eat [and multivitamins taken]…(Harvard Health)”


Multivitamins have become a common household item, yet 92% of all Americans are suffering from a vitamin deficiency.  A recent study was done that found over 30% of adults who regularly take multivitamins report better overall health than adults who don’t take any supplemental vitamins. This evidence is a clear indicator – those who are taking multivitamins believe they have a better quality of life than if they weren’t taking a multivitamin, but is that enough evidence to answer our question of do multivitamins actually make a difference. 

Understanding the real difference between whether are tablet or capsule vitamins better will help us answer that question.

Are Tablet Or Capsule Vitamins Better?

There is an overwhelming amount of scientific research that concludes when you consume tablets, you are not getting the full effect of the vitamin. Tablets have a slower rate of decomposition, they are less bioavailable, which means it takes more energy for your body to process, and they are more likely to cause gastrointestinal irritation in your stomach. Once again the way they are made destroys critical chemical bonds that are required for the vitamin to be effective.

Tablets are more widely available than capsules because they are cheaper and easier to produce. The very process of creating a tablet is where problems with tablets arise as they are compounded and pressed together with additives, losing many of the nutrients that would otherwise be in the multivitamin. The description of how tablets are made even points to the flaw in tablets themselves. 

With this information in mind, you might be asking yourself, are capsules more effective than tablets? The evidence points to a resounding yes. 

When you take a vitamin capsule it gets to work almost immediately. Capsules are more bioavailable when broken down in the body, which leads to quicker absorption, making them the best multivitamin over multivitamin tablets… Capsules shouldn’t have additives, so the body doesn’t need to filter through as much and excrete as much waste as from a vitamin tablet. When a tablet is filtered through your body’s liver, it creates waste. With capsules, your body has significantly more opportunity to absorb the vitamins and minerals instead of extracting out dried-up tablet dust.

With multivitamin capsules, you are actually getting the real amount of each vitamin, mineral, and herb that’s listed on the bottle, which means you can take less than the preposterous amounts of vitamins and minerals they claim to have pressed into multivitamin tablets. . The best multivitamin capsules come with clear information on how much of each ingredient has been packed into every capsule.

The Best Multivitamin Capsules

With all the information we have available, it’s easy to answer the question of do multivitamins actually make a difference with a yes if they are in capsule form, rather than tablets. Unfortunately, there are no best multivitamin capsules, because men and women typically need different vitamins and minerals to be included in a multivitamin.

Multivitamins for women need different ingredients than multivitamins for men, and at USA Medical, we offer a potent, lab-certified multivitamin for men and a multivitamin for women in addition to our supplement line of Magnesium Glycinate, Ashwagandha, and Turmeric.

Daily multivitamin capsules from USA Medical can help with a variety of different areas in your life, including: 

  • Muscle and bone health
  • Immune, cardiovascular, and nervious health
  • Joint and ligament support 
  • Reproductive and prostate health

To summarize our question of do multivitamins actually make a difference, the answer is yes, there can be a resounding benefits to the right person in the right context, but ultimately, getting real bloodwork done to understand your personal vitamin and mineral levels is the only way to know what specific supplements you need to be taking. Otherwise, daily multivitamin capsules are a great way to maximize your coverage and keep your body in the best condition possible. 

USA Medical Multivitamin Capsules: Final Thoughts 

At our USA Medical shop, we have both men’s and women’s multivitamin capsules that have been carefully curated to deliver the best possible results, and be the most effective a capsule can be. All of our vitamin capsules go through rigorous testing for potency, purity, and integrity. We believe that taking a daily multivitamin can give you the upper edge in your everyday life. 

I believe that everything in our multivitamins is perfect for anyone who wants protection against potential vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Take a look at our ingredients, we manage to pack a lot of vitamins and minerals into each capsule so that you get the full benefit without any extra additives that a tablet might have.

Most people are living with vitamin and mineral deficiencies, it is our goal to help people better understand the gaps in their health. Finally, do multivitmains actually make a difference? Yes, taking a daily multivitamin capsule can drastically improve your overall health, and help you lead a longer and healthier life. 

Women’s Daily Multivitamin Capsules

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Powerful support for women in an easy-to-use capsule.

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  • Enhance Energy & Performance
  • Support Joints & Ligaments


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Men’s Daily Multivitamin Capsules

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Powerful support for men in an easy-to-use capsule.

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  • Enhance Energy & Performance
  • Support Joints & Ligaments


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