CBG For Multiple Sclerosis 

CBG For Multiple Sclerosis

Opinion by Jake Crossman 

Cannabigerol, commonly known as CBG, has incredible healing capabilities. Scientists are discovering more about what this extract can do for people every day – this is why researching CBG for multiple sclerosis has the opportunity to change how we treat a variety of diseases.

The use of hemp to treat illness is not a new idea – In fact, the earliest recordings of using hemp extracts such as CBG date back to ancient China, where these cannabinoids were used to treat things like digestive disorders, pain, and inflammation. 

CBG is a cannabinoid that is extracted from hemp. CBG is closely related to CBD and is considered “the mother of all cannabinoids” because of its incredible potency and complex chemical structure. In recent years, CBG has been shown to reduce anxiety, relieve pain from chronic inflammation, and treat seizures with FDA-approved medications. 

Recently, research has been done on the effects that CBG might have on long-term, degenerative illnesses, such as Huntington’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis. More specifically, this blog will look at CBG for multiple sclerosis and how it can help those suffering from this debilitating disease. 

Multiple Sclerosis 

Multiple Sclerosis, or M.S., is a disease in which your body fights itself. Your immune system starts to attack the myelin sheath, which covers nerve endings in your spinal cord. This causes the body to experience severe and permanent nerve damage over time, disabling the entire body. While your immune system is doing this, your brain and nervous system have difficulty communicating effectively because of the deterioration.

Many people who suffer from M.S. slowly start to lose more and more control of their bodies as the nerves deteriorate and become inactive. This can debilitate people to be unable to walk or stand independently. It can also cause blindness, double vision, dizziness, and trouble with bowel movements. 

Unfortunately, there is no cure for MS. However, there are treatments and ways to prolong nerve damage from happening, as well as ways to prevent M.S. attacks from being triggered. CBG is one of the newer treatment options that doctors and scientists are researching as an alternative to treating M.S. with modern western medicine.

With the potent anti-inflammatory and immune support properties that CBG has, this could be a potentially massive breakthrough in M.S. research, saving the lives of those afflicted. 

How CBG For Multiple Sclerosis Works 

Once the CBG is introduced to the bloodstream, it interacts innately with your body’s endocannabinoid or ECS system, specifically with the CB1 and CB2 receptors. These receptors change the body’s response to the CBG, such as increased energy, inflammation relief, etc. 

One of the essential uses for CBG and CBD is increased joint mobility by relieving the pain caused by chronic inflammation. This adversely can help patients struggling with M.S. since joint mobility due to nerve damage is very painful. Research points to the increased mobility experienced by M.S. patients when using these phytocannabinoid extracts. 

“Based on the following considerations, it is our opinion that {CBG} supplementation may be advisable for PwMS to reduce fatigue, pain, spasticity, and ultimately improve mobility (NCBI).”

This is extremely promising for patients with M.S. because lack of total mobility is one of the most prominent late-stage issues dealt with in the disease. Increasing mobility through CBG would mean increased muscle growth due to stimulation and movement, leading to a better overall quality of life. 

Neuroprotective Qualities Of CBG

A significant problem that patients with neurodegenerative diseases face is an increase in rapid aging. As the body starts to deteriorate, so do youthful looks.

Several studies have been done on CBG. In many of them, scientists were impressed with the neuroprotective effects CBG has on the body and its positive interactions with the PPAR receptors, which are involved in genes, hormone control, and homeostasis. This, in the future, could play a crucial role in reversing neurodegeneration and replacing current medicines that deal with this and have harmful side effects. 

CBG has also been considered something to combine with other medications to help those who struggle with executive brain functions and chronic diseases. For instance, it could be paired with clonidine and guanfacine, which interact with the a-2 receptors in the brain and act on the prefrontal cortex part of the brain responsible for these kinds of executive actions, such as movement and motor skills (jpeg). 

There is also growing research on the effects that cannabis might have on patients with M.S., but as of right now, the use of marijuana for medical purposes on only legal in 29 states and not federally regulated. Scientists are arguing for this to be made federally legal because of the Entourage Effect, which would pair CBG with other cannabinoids to make it highly effective when interacting with the ECS, enabling users to take control over several areas of their health. 

“The entourage effect means that the compounds in cannabis work more sufficiently together than if the compounds are isolated. Therefore, CBD products may contain more cannabis compounds, including THC, to increase the product’s effectiveness (NCBI).”

Research on CBG and the effects that it has on Multiple Sclerosis is primarily only showing positive results.

There are no known interactions with CBG and other medicines that might be used concurrently to treat M.S., and other broad-spectrum hemp extracts may also be used to reduce pain and increase mobility in patients with M.S.

CBG For Multiple Sclerosis Final Thoughts 

While there is no cure for the awful M.S. disease, there are some solutions to prolong this disease from taking over your body – CBG is now one of those solutions. The evidence that CBG can be used to treat conditions like this is increasing daily. 

USA Medical wants transparency for all who use our products, so we will stay committed to bringing you groundbreaking new research on these incredible hemp extracts. 

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