CBD Oil For Dogs Dose Calculator

This CBD oil for dogs dose calculator is for pet owners to figure out what the recommended CBD oil dosage for dogs is. Using this calculator from USA Medical is very simple:

First – Select your dogs size

Small Dog < 25 lb
Medium Dog 25-75 lb
Large Dog > 75 lb


Second – See the recommended CBD oil for dogs dosage

CBD Oil For Dogs Dose Calculator - USA Medical

What Is This Calculator

If you are looking to buy CBD oil for dogs, you need to know what the daily recommended dosage of CBD oil for dogs is. We have created this simple CBD for dogs dose calculator to help pet owners quickly figure out their pet’s recommended dose.

This dosage calculator was created in mg (milligram) format so that you can easily asses the proper CBD oil dosage for dogs regardless of the brand of CBD oil you purchased. However, keep in mind that if you didn’t recieve a lab test with your purchase (or you can’t find a lab test on the brand’s website), you know no way of knowing if what they say on the label is true. Here at USA Medical, we offer lab test results right on our website for our customers to be sure they always get what they pay for!

what is a cbd for dogs dosage calculator

As many pet owners begin to buy CBD for their dogs, it’s important they have the proper information for how much CBD should a pet take. Here at USA Medical, our goal is to provide our customers with all the information we know so that our customers can make informed decisions. It’s so important for pet owners to do their own research to find the best CBD dog oil brand in order to ensure their pets get the purest CBD oil.

The importance of a CBD oil for dogs dosage calculator is for pet owners to easily understand the approximate recommended amount of CBD oil to give their dogs. While CBD dosage must very case-by-case (and you can schedule a call with a USA Medical CBD advisor to talk about your individual case), the general rules of how much CBD per pounds of body weight still apply.

The reason we generalize dogs body weight is because the amount of CBD we recommend for each dog’s various size is so marginal that it would be acceptable to give significantly more or less to each pet, depending on their specific condition.

Remember, the more severe the condition, the more CBD is needed. Monitor you pets condition and, if the recommended dosage isn’t sufficient, increase the CBD oil for dogs dose.