Recommended CBD Dosages

USA Medical CBD advisors have put together this guide to clarify what the best CBD dosages are and general CBD best practices. CBD dosages, like vitamin or mineral supplements, are not one-size-fits-all and must be tailored to each individual. For any specific questions, please schedule a call with a USA Medical CBD advisor.

CBD Dosages For Adults

Low Dose (5mg – 10mg CBD)

Ideal For: Young/Adolescent Individuals, Pets, Healthy Adults

A low dose of CBD (5mg – 10mg) is for individuals looking to integrate hemp extract CBD into their lives with minimal effects. This dosage size is much like taking a vitamin supplement – you won’t feel immediately different, but it will start working in the background of your body, supplying your bodies’ Endocannabinoid System with an effective supplement of phytocannabinoids.

Low doses are perfect for those times when you feel mild stress or anxiety starting to form, as the CBD can relieve that stress before it becomes something more serious. This dose is not enough for individuals with daily stress, anxiety, chronic pain, or insomnia.

Average Dose (10mg – 25mg CBD)

Ideal For: Individuals With Mild Symptoms of Stress, Anxiety, and/or Chronic Pain

An average dose of CBD (10mg – 25mg) is for individuals with mild anxiety, stress, and/or chronic pain looking for simple, natural relief. Effects may be observable, but not obvious. This dosage size is great for individuals with mild symptoms looking for an easy way to integrate CBD into their lives, without committing to a more powerful and noticeable dosage.

If you have never taken CBD before, this is a wonderful starter dose to see how CBD affects you! You should be able to begin notice the relaxing, calming effects of the CBD at this dosage size. Your dose can be modified/increased from this level as needed.

Large Dose (25mg – 50mg CBD)

Ideal For: Individuals With Stress, Anxiety, and/or Chronic Pain, and Individuals With Mild PTSD and/or Insomnia

A large dose of CBD (25mg – 50mg) is for individuals needing a way to combat severe symptoms of stress, anxiety, and/or chronic pain, as well as provide relief for mild symptoms of PTSD and/or insomnia. This dosage size is strong and effects will be observable over time, with some customers claiming to notice effects immediately after taking their first dose.

This dosage size is recommended to be taken only before bed (approx. 30 mins before going to be) as it will cause deep relaxation and ultimately drowsiness. To improve daytime energy levels, this dosage can be split into morning and night dosages of 25mg CBD in the morning and 25mg CBD at night.

Extra-Large Dose (50mg – 100mg+ CBD)

Ideal For: Individuals With Severe Stress, Anxiety, Chronic Pain, PTSD, and/or Insomnia.

An extra-large dose of CBD (50mg – 100mg+) is a very powerful dosage with immediately observable and lasting effects. For anyone suffering from severe symptoms of stress, anxiety, chronic pain, PTSD, insomnia, or other related symptoms, this dosage size is a potent dosage that will have immediately recognizable effects.

While there is no potential for toxic overdose from a single dose of CBD, it is important to reserve a dosage size over 100mg for extreme cases, as prolonged mega-doses of CBD can cause liver toxicity. USA Medical dose not recommend a daily dose of CBD to be over 50mg for prolonged periods of time.

Not recommended for first-time CBD users.

CBD Oil Dosage Calculator

To help achieve accurate dosing for any of the various concentrations of CBD tinctures we sell (i.e. – 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, & 3000mg), we have created this interactive CBD dosage calculator to help clarify how many drops of CBD oil you should be putting under your tongue (sublingually) per dose.

The way this CBD oil dosage calculator works is very simple:

  • First – Input your desired mg (milligrams) of CBD based on the above information
  • Second – Select your CBD tincture concentration (the concentration you purchased, or wish to purchase)
  • Finally – The CBD calculator provides the number of oil drops you need to achieve your desired dose


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