CBD Oil Dosage Calculator

We at USA Medical have created this interactive CBD dosage calculator to help clarify how many drops of CBD oil you should be taking per dose. The way a CBD oil dosage calculator works is very simple:

  • First – Input your desired mg (milligrams) of CBD
  • Second – Select your CBD tincture concentration
  • Finally – The CBD calculator provides the number of drops you need

CBD Dosage Calculator

CBD Dosage Guide: Average CBD Dosages

This average CBD dose guide is meant to help clarify average CBD dosages based on individual needs. Every CBD user has different needs and responses to CBD – the most important rule is to use this CBD dose calculator and log your daily CBD intake (plus associated effects) for you to learn how different CBD dosages affect you!

Low Dose (5mg – 10mg CBD)

Ideal For: Young/Adolescent Individuals, Pets, Healthy Adults

A low dose of CBD (5mg – 10mg) is for individuals looking to integrate hemp extract into their lives with minimal observable effects. This dosage size is much like a vitamin C supplement – you won’t feel immediately different, but it will start working in the background of your body, supplying your bodies’ Endocannabinoid System with an effective supplement of phytocannabinoids.

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Average Dose (10mg – 25mg CBD)

Ideal For: Individuals With Mild Symptoms of Stress, Anxiety, and/or Chronic Pain

An average dose of CBD (10mg – 25mg) is for individuals with mild anxiety, stress, and/or chronic pain looking for simple, affordable relief. Effects may be observable, but not obvious. This dosage size is great for individuals with mild symptoms looking for an affordable way to integrate CBD into their lives, without committing to a more powerful and noticeable dosage.

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Large Dose (25mg – 50mg CBD)

Ideal For: Individuals With Stress, Anxiety, and/or Chronic Pain, and Individuals With Mild PTSD and/or Insomnia

A large dose of CBD (25mg – 50mg) is for individuals needing a way to combat severe symptoms of stress, anxiety, and/or chronic pain, as well as provide relief for mild symptoms of PTSD and/or insomnia. This dosage size is strong and effects will be observable over time, with some customers claiming to notice effects immediately after taking their first dose.

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Extra-Large Dose (50mg – 100mg+ CBD)

Ideal For: Individuals With Severe Stress, Anxiety, Chronic Pain, PTSD, and/or Insomnia.

An extra-large dose of CBD (50mg – 100mg+) is a very powerful dosage with immediately observable and lasting effects. For anyone suffering from severe symptoms of stress, anxiety, chronic pain, PTSD, insomnia, or other related symptoms, this dosage size is a potent dosage that will have immediately recognizable effects.Not recommended for first-time CBD users.

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CBD Dosage Table

CBD Dosage Table 250mg Oil 500mg Oil 1000mg Oil 3000mg Oil
1 Drop 0.3 mg 0.7 mg 1.3 mg 4.0 mg
2 Drops 0.7 mg 1.3 mg 2.7 mg 8.0 mg
3 Drops 1.0 mg 2.0 mg 4.0 mg 12.0 mg
4 Drops 1.3 mg 2.7 mg 5.3 mg 16.0 mg
5 Drops 1.7 mg 3.4 mg 6.6 mg 20.0 mg
6 Drops 2.0 mg 4.0 mg 8.0 mg 24.0 mg
1/4 ml 2.1 mg 4.2 mg 8.4 mg 25 mg
7 Drops 2.3 mg 4.7 mg 9.3 mg 28.0 mg
8 Drops 2.7 mg 5.4 mg 10.6 mg 32.0 mg
9 Drops 3.0 mg 6.0 mg 11.9 mg 36.0 mg
10 Drops 3.3 mg 6.7 mg 13.3 mg 40.0 mg
11 Drops 3.7 mg 7.4 mg 14.6 mg 44.0 mg
12 Drops 4.0 mg 8.1 mg 15.9 mg 48.0 mg
1/2 ml 4.2 mg 8.2 mg 16.8 mg 50 mg
13 Drops 4.3 mg 8.7 mg 17.3 mg 52.0 mg
14 Drops 4.7 mg 9.4 mg 18.6 mg 56.0 mg
15 Drops 5.0 mg 10.1 mg 19.9 mg 60.0 mg
16 Drops 5.4 mg 10.8 mg 21.2 mg 64.0 mg
17 Drops 5.7 mg 11.4 mg 22.6 mg 68.0 mg
18 Drops 6.0 mg 12.1 mg 23.9 mg 72.0 mg
3/4 ml 6.3 mg 12.6 mg 25 mg 75 mg
19 Drops 6.4 mg 12.8 mg 25.2 mg 76.0 mg
20 Drops 6.7 mg 13.5 mg 26.5 mg 80.0 mg
21 Drops 7.0 mg 14.1 mg 27.9 mg 84.0 mg
22 Drops 7.4 mg 14.8 mg 29.2 mg 88.0 mg
23 Drops 7.7 mg 15.5 mg 30.5 mg 92.0 mg
24 Drops 8.0 mg 16.1 mg 31.8 mg 96.0 mg
25 Drops 8.4 mg 16.8 mg 33.2 mg 100.0 mg
1 ml 8.4 mg 16.8 mg 33.2 mg 100 mg


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In stock | Expected delivery date: 11/29/2021

what is a cbd dosage calculator

A CBD tincture dosage calculator is a CBD calculator to help you figure out how many drops of each individual CBD oil tincture you need to take in order to get an average CBD dose.

For example, say you are someone who struggles with complex symptoms of anxiety and PTSD. We would recommend your average CBD dose be between 25 mg CBD and 50 mg CBD. If you purchase a 3000mg CBD oil tincture, then, according to the CBD oil dosage calculator drops, you need 6.25 drops of CBD oil for a 25mg CBD dose and 12.5 drops of CBD oil for a 50mg CBD dose.

Using a CBD calculator per drop will greatly increase your ability to easily and accurately dose CBD for yourself!

CBD Oil Dosage Calculator Drops

Now that you know what is a CBD dosage calculator, you’re ready to learn about the importance of counting your CBD oil drops.

A CBD dosage calculator is one of the only ways for you to easily figure out how many drops of CBD oil to take. Now, you can always use the graduated glass pipette found in USA Medical CBD oil bottles to easily achieve 1/4 mL, 1/2 mL, 3/4 mL, and 1 mL doses, but if you want to get really specific about how much CBD you’re taking, this CBD dose calculator will make counting CBD oil drops a breeze!

Think about CBD oil dosage calculator drops as being an exact science. Sure you can take CBD and achieve incredible results without the extra work of going through the CBD tincture dosage calculator steps, but we believe it’s better to be extremely particular about your CBD intake to ensure you have full transparency on what different dosages do to your body!

Many people who use this CBD calculator are impressed when they realize how easy it is to use! Please don’t settle for any CBD company who doesn’t make it easy for you to find out the CBD calculator per drop, because, at the end of the day, it’s your health that’s on the line, and we want you to be the healthiest, happiest version of you possible!

cbd tincture dosage calculator

The last thing you need to know about the USA Medical CBD tincture dosage calculator is that it is only intended to be used with USA Medical CBD oil products.

What is a CBD dosage calculator good for if it’s not built to be exact? That’s exactly why we have lab-certified data to ensure our CBD dosage calculator is 100% exact, as long as it’s used with USA Medical products.

Other companies don’t even show their CBD calculator per drop, because they don’t have any lab-certified data! Be extremely careful, because some companies post fake medical lab results! There’s nothing USA Medical takes more serious than our authentic, lab-certified CBD oil, so it’s important you keep an eye out for fake medical lab results to be sure you only put safe, pure, and potent CBD into your body.