Understanding CBD Concentration Levels

Lab Tested CBD Oil

We want to help you navigate the different CBD concentration levels more easily and help you make an informed decision when looking for the best CBD oil products. CBD softgels.

Why do some companies use percentages and others use mg to show the CBD content of their products? 

For example, which one would be better to buy? CBD oil that is 4% – 10ml or CBD oil that is 500mg – 30ml?

The answer is quite simple! The most important information for you to know is the medical CBD content of the product, which is always expressed in mg (milligrams). The CBD’s effect depends on the number of milligrams you have consumed, regardless of whether it comes from a 1% or 15% product. If you were to put 1000mg of vitamin C in 1 cup of water and then put 1000mg of vitamin C in two cups of water, which one would give you more vitamin C? Neither! They both would have the same amount of vitamin C. One would be more concentrated in a smaller amount of water. The same goes for CBD!

Why is there no “%” mark on USA Medical CBD oils? Because mg is a more precise and accurate measurement of the total amount of CBD in our products. So you can make a well-informed decision when deciding what CBD will be best for you.

We consider clarity and transparency to be of the utmost importance to our customers. You may have noticed that the active ingredients in medicine and vitamins are always expressed in mg. That is because mg is the best indicator of value and potency. Other ways of displaying data can be misleading to the customer. Multivitamins.

So does 10% CBD oil work better than 1%? No! 

That is because the percentage of CBD doesn’t matter. You could take less of the more concentrated solution and achieve the same effect. Unfortunately, many CBD distributors sell small quantities of 10ml of CBD oil at extremely high prices because the product contains a high percentage of CBD. Why doesn’t CBD work for me?


Don’t just look at the percentages, always calculate the actual CBD concentration levels of the product if it is not indicated on the packaging. Not all CBD is the same; choose where you buy from carefully! Terms and conditions.

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