Can CBG Treat Cancer?

Can CBG Treat Cancer

Opinion by Jake Crossman

At this point, you may already be aware of CBG’s many benefits, but the pressing question is, can CBG treat cancer? Scientifically known as cannabigerol, this hemp-derived cannabinoid has tremendous healing properties including:

  • Treating your inflammatory pain
  • Improving your daytime energy
  • Boosting your mental focus
  • Aiding in your muscle recovery

The list goes on and on…

Recently, there has been more research done on CBG benefits – specifically how CBG might have properties that are able to reduce the proliferation of cancer cells in the body. A study done in February of 2021 analyzed how CBG can help to treat Glioblastoma, one of the most aggressive forms of brain cancer. This research was published by the National Library of Medicine and has been extremely useful in providing fact-based scientific research on CBG, as well as alternative solutions to traditional cancer treatments. Let’s examine whether or not CBD can treat cancer.

Can CBG Treat Cancer: Independent Research

Glioblastoma or GB is one of the most common brain cancers that a person develops. It is a fast-moving and aggressive tumor that completely takes over the brain and deteriorates the cells in the brain – this is called cellular necrosis.

There are already several treatments for this type of cancer, the most common of them being chemotherapy by using a drug called Trimetazidine or TMZ. The reason that CBG and other cannabinoids are being looked at as an alternative or combined treatment for this disease is because of the minimal side effects of taking something that is hemp-derived. CBG causes no known side effects when taken, whereas some of the more aggressive treatments for cancer such as chemotherapy can cause devastating side effects such as hair loss, nerve damage, and bodily deterioration.

CBG was actually first looked at in 1996 as an alternative to treating cancer patients, but with the public pushback as well as technological limitations it was hard to do conclusive research on how CBG can actually provide relief. More recently there have been several studies done, most notably in 2017 by London-based scientists.

“CBG was reported to reduce cell proliferation in several cancer cell lines, including human breast … prostate, and colorectal carcinoma, gastric adenocarcinoma, C6-rat glioma, rat basophilic leukemia, and transformed thyroid cells (NLM).”

Throughout the study, scientists found that a 3:1 combination of CBD:CBG significantly reduced the proliferation of Glioblastoma by nearly 50% (NLM). Specifically, CBG reduced the invasion of the U373 cancer cell by 90% compared to the chemotherapy drug TMZ which only reduced the cell spreading by 50%.

While Glioblastoma is a very specific cancer that is rarely found in other organisms, there has been research on CBG being looked at as a treatment for several other forms of cancer – this list includes:

  • Breast Cancer
  • Colorectal Cancer
  • Bone Cancer
  • Stomach Cancer
  • Gastrointestinal Cancer

In all of the pre-clinical trials of these studies, scientists found that CBG was very effective in deterring the proliferation of cancerous cells, and provided tumor receptors to be deactivated in the body.

CBG As A Cancer Treatment

While this list may seem surprising, after studying the endocannabinoid system in the body it is no shock that when taking CBG and CBD the regulatory properties of that system kick into overdrive to bring the body back to homeostasis or normal level. While the results may be different because every human’s CB1 and CB2 receptors are slightly different; the overall result of CBG treating cancer cells had a positive outcome.

During the final parts of the study, scientists wanted to look at the combined effects of CBG and chemotherapy treatment when applied to Glioblastoma cells. The empirical evidence of this was astounding as not only did CBG oil drastically aid in the ability to treat these tumors it also provided positive adverse effects on the side effects of chemotherapy treatment.

Typically patients who undergo chemotherapy have to deal with decreased appetite, decreased pain tolerance, cachexia which is muscle deterioration, and severe nausea. CBG would provide relief from some of these side effects as it can increase appetite, decrease nausea and provide some analgesia which is the body’s inability to feel pain. This can all be done without taking psychoactive drugs or high doses of pain medication which can increase some of the negatives of chemotherapy.

THC has been looked at for a while as an alternative pain medication to counteract the effects of cancer treatments, but has for obvious reasons had a lot of pushback from doctors and big pharmaceutical companies. Combining CBG into cancer treatments would eliminate almost any problems in recovery and metastasis or spread of cancer (NLM).

Final Thoughts

It’s crucial that clinical trials for CBG as a cancer treatment start as soon as possible. After seeing the data from both CBG and chemotherapy treatments, and how well they worked together to fight cancer cells, I believe CBG is a powerful ally in the fight against cancer cells.

As the research improves and the studies continue, I believe this treatment will come into the mainstream as long as major pharmaceutical companies don’t try to invalidate the research. It is my goal at USA Medical to not only provide some of the best health products but to also provide quality information that has not been filtered through the hands of mainstream media news outlets. Always check with your doctor before making any changes to a prescribed treatment plan and reach out to USA Medical support if you have questions about CBG oil. If you’re ready to buy CBG For Sale With Free Shipping, than you can check out  the link below.

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